Signs: (Merriam Webster) Something (such as an action or event) which shows that something else exists, is true, or will happen.

(Urban Dictionary) Signs are actions a person does/says to subtly indicate to another that they are interested in them, be it romantically or sexually. Life is really just a question of reading the signs.

How often do you pay attention to signs in your life? If you drive then you probably pay attention to signs every day, such as stop signs, and green lights. But how often have we been given a sign (figuratively) and didn’t pay attention to it until it was too late?

I have been talking about a wedding that I was not looking forward to attending for some time now and I can gladly say that that wedding has officially come and gone. However, (and I’m not the only one who believes this) it was a wedding that probably should not have taken place to begin with. The circumstances under which the relationship began was all too familiar to a Tyler Perry play. People already had some doubts of this union and the actual wedding didn’t help.

First of all, I know weddings are nothing short of hectic and chaotic. Something always goes wrong and rarely do weddings start on time. With that being said, I have never been to a wedding that started more than 30 minutes late, until this past weekend. The wedding was supposed to start at 4:00pm, but didn’t begin until well after 5:35pm. For me, sign number one, (or validation I should say) that this union probably shouldn’t have been taking place was when one of the THREE wedding coordinators got on the mic and had to reassure everyone, not once but twice, that a wedding would indeed be taking place that day. Now I may not know much about algebra but I know that if you need to send someone out to reassure people that an actually wedding would be taking place, that can’t be a good sign.

This wedding was more validation than anything because like I said, signs started popping up way before the wedding. I can remember being at the engagement party and EVERYONE collectively and repeatedly telling the couple how they should not concern themselves with the gossip that is going on about their relationship and how they can only worry about each other and not how other people felt. Even though I am an adult and I definitely speak my own mind I would still second guess the security of my relationship if all of my friends and family had negative comments to say about it. I would take their words to heart and reevaluate things because they are obviously seeing something that I am not. For everyone to be telling the couple this at the engagement party should have been sign number one.

I bet you are wondering why there was so much controversy about this union in the first place right? Well, long story short, this couple became a couple because of a home wrecker. What’s worse is that the home wrecker was friends with the girlfriend (Sorry if this is confusing. You can watch Maury or Jerry Springer for references).  There is a saying that goes, “How you get your man is how you keep your man” which basically means if you got your man because you were the other woman and having an affair with him, he will eventually find another woman to leave you for.

Signs come to us in various ways all the time. I think signs are there to help us make better decisions when our intuition misses stuff. I can’t see into the future, but I definitely believe that there were some obvious signs that this couple missed before they walked down the aisle. They might might end up noticing the signs when it’s too late. Then again, they might be ok. *Kanye shrug*

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